Shooting Chair Ergonomics

The Shooting Chair has gone through many design iterations as we tested the ergonomics for a variety of shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

The Born Wild Shooting Chair fits most human beings, and will keep you comfortable while waiting for your quarry to come by.

Born Wild Shooting Chairs are:

  1. Ambidextrous
  2. Have Adjustable Angles of the shooting rest/cradle. The cradle moves up and down to fit you.
  3. Swivel 360 degrees so you aren’t locked in to one uncomfortable position.
  4. Front Rest is premium leather and padded to protect your rifle
  5. Back Rest fits more rifle stocks, and custom versions are available for unique rifles.
  6. The front and rear rest both include premium Leather to keep from marring your rifle
  7. The chair is Customizable to the user’s desire. Seat position, rifle position, and height are all adjustable. We have also specifically designed the Born Wild Chair to be easily customizable to allow for additional accessories such as a drink cup holder, SCBA Tank holder for Big Bore and small bore air rifle enthusiasts
  8. The seat is covered in weather resistant leatherette and is easy on the butt.