The Born Wild Shooting Chair

A Born Wild Shooting Chair can be an essential part of successful target shooting and hunting with an airgun, rimfire rifle, or hunting rifle. A long day of shooting can be tiring, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hold steady, and get accurate shots as the day wears on. A shooting chair can make shooting with a rifle much more relaxing, and comfortable, and improve your accuracy while punching holes in paper, or while shooting at ground squirrels and other pests several hundred yards away.

There is great joy that goes with all things shooting, plinking, and hunting. Being out in nature, sighting in a new airgun, or powder burner, or punching holes in paper, requires calmness and patience.

But what if you struggle to hold your rifle steady enough for close in shooting, or long distance shooting? What if you take too long and use up too much ammo sighting in your rifle scope?

The answer in many situations is to use a bench and chair, or tripod, or bench vise on a card table. No setup is perfect. The Shooting Chair however is as close to being perfect as anything.

Here’s a Born Wild Shooting Chair in action!

It’s light weight, collapses to a compact device that is easy to carry and fast to setup whether you are going to the range to punch holes in paper, or if you are going ground squirrel hunting, or sitting in a blind waiting for a Turkey or Deer to show up.

The Born Wild Shooting Chair is comfortable and adjustable to your rifle and to you. Get set, relax and squeeze the trigger and find your groups smaller than they’ve ever been.

Shooting Chair Portability

The shooting chair is light weight for the ultimate in shooting chair portability, but it’s extremely robust and strong. Carry it in a backpack, or in it’s own carry / storage bag. Because a shooting chair is often used for hunting, light weight, portability, and easy of setup and tear down is essential. As a hunter packs up gear for a long hike in the wilderness, every single ounce of weight matters. This is why the chair was designed to be minimal in size, weight and complexity. Keep it simple, keep it light and make it portable was the mantra of the team.

Tear Down

Tear down the Shooting chair is easy, fast and efficient:

  1. Remove rifle cradle by loosening one plastic handled screw.
  2. Remove the rifle cradle post, by loosening one plastic handled screw.
  3. Remove the ammo box by pulling straight up.
  4. Remove the seat cushion by lifting straight up.
  5. Fold front legs in, and back to frame.
  6. Fold rear leg in and forward to frame.
  7. Pack all the parts in a backpack or the optional bag, and go shooting!

The Shooting Chair is Light Weight

The shooting chair is light and strong, but weighs under 20lbs. We use the best steel, and stainless steel components of the best optimization of weight and strength.

Shooting Chair Portability Features

Features of the Shooting Chair that contribute to it’s easy setup and teardown and portability:

  1. Easy to Carry
  2. Disassemble for Transport
  3. Portable
  4. Fits in a large Backpack
  5. No need for hand truck to Haul
  6. Lightweight
  7. Steady
  8. Sturdy
  9. Durable
  10. Lifetime of regular use.
  11. Quality Materials
  12. Made in the USA by skilled welders and machinists.


Do you have questions about the Shooting Chair? Price of the Born Wild Shooting Chair is $1295.00 On Sale $1195.00  

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